October 11, 2018

The to headphone amps are just about average same as the pre’s really. Even though I agree that the preamps could be better, I never had problems I couldn’t surpass with a little treatment. Everything worked with no effort at all; I have to admit I never used the 2nd FW port, though. Show More Show Less. The MIDI is flawless and overall the connection speed via firewire has made recording easy.

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Subscribe to our Newsletter. I recently used the io26 for several small projects, as well as for handling my home setup. I did not have the problems the original reviewer had. Alesis iO 26 Digital Recording Interface 10 product ratings 4. As all channels alesis io26 be supported by phantom power, you can work with 8 condenser mics at alesis io26 same time!

Alesis iO 26 Digital Recording Interface

Hosted by Akesis Hosting. I would have pops and clicks get them sort then I’d have a hardware fault for example the interface wouldn’t link firewire unless the phantom was on and random led lights would stay on in the metering which seemed to be quite a common fault.

My only gripe with Alesis is they release great alesis io26 only to alesis io26 soon after, and the instruction alesis io26 It was by far aledis lowest priced piece of equipment available with so many features. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

I finally found the cause, a bad flat cable connector. This buzz doesn’t seem to alesis io26 the sound in the final product alesis io26 CDs or MP3 output. I use this Interface to play Keyboards, i use like a hardware mixer for hardware synths, theremin, etc and to play soft sytnhs. The current drivers work well at least for me on XP, Vista, and Win 7. I am a keyboard player and I use aleais, alesis io26 alesjs synth, midi keyboard, kaoss-pad, and sometimes extra keys.

I still consider it a great bang alessis buck solution for a home producer or a small group, for use up to a alesis io26 level. I use a slightly better HP printer power supply. These don’t come up often and I was fortunate after a long wait to get mine. The 8 outputs are great, since i have 1 pair for PA, 1 pair for personal monitor, and 1 pair to send sequences to drummer.


After fixing this problem the unit worked consistently.

I highly recommend you stay away from this interface unless you want your recording life to be a living headache. Alesis io26 items related to this product.

I bought my IO26 used alesis io26 had several intermittent problems with it. It has adat ins but no alesis io26 out which is a bit annoying really. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies.

Most importantly though, I never had ANY functional problems either with the alesis io26 Mac user here or with the hardware itself. I had the io26 for a while when it alesis io26 came out as a portable interface.

Alesis io26 – User review – Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

BIG bang for your Buck! Firstly if you are going to use it as for your home studio, this product is one of the most suitable products you can ever get if your computer has a alesis io26 port Because it basically answers your needs. Excuse me for my grammer mistakes Read full review. I did LOTS of research before deciding to purchase a firewire interface. The flat layout of this item make everything easy to get to and realy makes the best alesis io26 out of the surface area. This is THE hardware piece for anyone who is serious about making music with a modes t budget.

On paper alesis io26 seems like alesis io26 has excellent bang for buck considering its features but getting to work properly is a nightmare and if you take alesis io26 look around on the internet you’ll find endless stories of people struggle with it.

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I always have to carry an audio interface with midi ports and a mixer to control all next to me in alesis io26 time.